Candidate Surveys for the 2013 Calgary Municipal Election

Some organizations, and sometimes individuals, survey candidates on various issues of concern to them. Where the candidate responses have been made public, we will try to share access to them here.

If you know of other surveys to add here, please forward the details to:
Twitter: @YYCElect

ArtsVote Calgary Survey Responses

“ArtsVote Calgary is a group of voluntary arts supporters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who advocate for the Arts to be recognized as an integral part of daily living.”

Calgarians for Transportation Choice Survey Responses

“A coalition of NGOs dedicated to healthy, active, vibrant, safe, & sustainable YYC communities that enable walking, wheeling, cycling, transit, carpooling, & carsharing.”

Calgary Election and Sport responses

Providing an opportunity for candidates to make their position on sport clear, and for voters to see where their potential representatives stand on this important issue.

Calgary Journal: If you were stranded on a deserted island…

“The Calgary Journal asked Calgary mayoral and council candidates five questions about what they would do if they were trapped on a deserted island.”

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Calgary Candidate Survey results

“a citizens advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government.”

CFIB, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Small Business Survey

“[Representing] the interests of the small business community to all three levels of government in their fight for tax fairness, reasonable labour laws and reduction of regulatory paper burden.”

CivicCamp Campaign Finance Disclosure Responses

“In the spirit of transparency and Campaign Finance Reform, CivicCamp has created this Pilot Site for Candidates to voluntarily share financial information during Election 2013. In return, we provide the Public with a simple, easy-to-use view of Election Donations and Fundraising details.”

Coalition for a Healthy Calgary, Pesticide Bylaw Survey

“A Healthy Calgary survey gauging support for a bylaw restricting the use of pesticides for cosmetic or non-essential purposes on private and public land in Calgary.”

Common Sense Calgary Candidate Surveys

“Common Sense Calgary is a coalition of private citizens and leaders in the community. Our main concerns are around the issues of safety, affordability and mobility, and we will be raising these issues during the 2013 municipal election campaign. The Manning Centre has provided seed money and administers funds for any costs incurred by Common Sense Calgary throughout the course of this campaign.”

Green Calgary, Recycling Council of Alberta, DIG, Sustainability survey

“The three organizations are collaborating to survey all Municipal candidates and get their views on five sustainability-related questions.”

Know Your Candidate Survey Responses

“We aim to provide the public with as much information as we can to make an informed decision in the municipal and school board elections. All candidates were asked the same questions and translation was provided on a first come first serve basis. This initiative was funded by the Calgary and District Labour Council with special contributions made by unions throughout the city.”

Public Interest Alberta: School Board Trustee Candidate Responses

“The survey explores a wide range of issues, including their priorities, the roles of the trustee, education funding, privatization and school infrastructure.”

TransitCamp YYC Questionnaire

“Transit is an important issue in our city, and we at Transitcamp think voters should know how our politicians perceive, understand and value the transit issues in our city. But also, we need to how they plan to address those issues.”

Vote Calgary Survey Results

“Vote Calgary is an information resource put forth by the building & development industry that focuses on our key issues and the impact of the decisions made at City Hall on the future of our city.”