Anonymous Users

Every access of this website is logged, including the date, time, weblink (url), and the numeric internet address associated with the accessing computer.

This may be used to produce aggregate usage statistics.

It may also be used in any investigations of attempts to violate the security and function of this website.

Location Data

This website does not currently use or record location data sent by web browsers.

As services provided by this website expand, we may eventually offer services that can be optimized based on your location data (an example might be a tool to find “what election riding am I in?”). If your web browser supports sending location data, it should provide options for controlling whether you want this website to have access to that data or not.

Registered Users

We record your name, and the identifier used for your account (such as an email address or Twitter id & name). We record any additional services you link to your account.

Every piece of content you post or modify on this website may be recorded and your name displayed publicly in the associated edit histories (or “versions”). If you have associated your account with an external service (such as your account on Twitter), a link to your public profile on that service may be publicly displayed as part of your “profile” on this website.

If there is a picture associated through your account, either on this website, or through a third party account (such as your Twitter avatar), that may be displayed publicly where your name is displayed publicly.


We use web browser cookies to maintain the “signed-in” state of users. Currently, these cookies are solely used to identify signed-in users as they access various parts of the website. Eventually, we may add functionality where you can have preferences as to how you interact with the website and those preference may rely on cookies, as well.

You might register an account on this website using a third party service (such as your account on Twitter). As a result, that third party service may be placing and reading cookies on the your system in the course of providing content to you.